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Samuel Riggs
Master Chief Editor


A big fan of society, Sam graduated from Harvard University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. As an undergraduate, Sam was the Chief Advisor to the President of The Gas House, the co-van driver for the Men’s Varsity Golf Team, and #18 for the Men’s Varsity Ice Hockey Team. A recruited goal-scorer, Sam recorded 1 goal, 2 assists and a -11 rating over a 6-year span.

After briefs stints in professional poker and technology sales, Sam founded the Sammy Riggs brand with the simple goal of simultaneously being informative, humorous, and moderately logical.

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The Design Team


California raised, Boston based, perpetually cold. The Design Team graduated from Lehigh University in 2012 with a BA in Design. She played Division I college soccer. The Design Team has worked with high-profile clients like Google, Tiffany & Co., American Express, and IBM. When she’s not Sammy Riggs’ sole designer, The Design Team works at a top-5 ranked digital agency in the world, runs her own freelance business and serves as Design Director at UX Laboratory.

The Design Team’s favorite words are: amazeballs, okie and meow. We only let her write about ‘The Bachelorette.’ The Design Team consistently freshens our website and advances the appeal of the Sammy Riggs brand.

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Tommy Fro
Entertainment/Sports Writer


A senior at Harvard University, Tommy Fro brings a specific expertise in Entertainment. Often sending 100-second Snap Stories of ‘The Office’ episodes and writing lengthy ‘Bachelorette’ recaps, Tommy is a natural fit for running our Entertainment section. Born in Germany to an Irish father and Italian mother, Tommy’s diversity has absolutely no effect on the website. After his brief stint as a cowboy, he returned the cowboy hat for full price and focused on blogging.

Socks are the bane of his existence, and he doesn’t respect people who eat french fries one at a time. Tommy has recently hired a man to follow him around and document everything inspirational he ever says, just in case a movie is made about him.

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The General
Serious Writer


The General hails from parts unknown, although legend has it, as a baby, he built his own crib out of an oak tree using only a butter knife and heavy brick. The General strongly believes that crying is only allowed at funerals and during Youtube videos of  soldiers reuniting with their dogs, and that asking for help at Home Depot is akin to voting for Josef Stalin. He never wears shorts over 6 inches (which would be capri pants) or under 6 inches (which would be European). Sometimes, the General will bring a knife to a gunfight, just to make it slightly more fair. He can speak Russian, in French, and his German Shepard barks in Spanish. He has won the Tour de France on a unicycle, the World Series of Poker with UNO cards, and two lifetime achievement awards. The General has patted exactly three people on the back and all three have listed the event on their professional resumes.

His two pieces of advice: (1) take a shower and (2) shine your shoes… you are young men you must be living.

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Editorial Staff Writer


A Boston native, Tringo kicked up dust at renowned UMass Amherst until graduating with degrees in Communication and Journalism in 2013. He now writes for Sammy Riggs on a range of topics from foreign policy to concussions – he tries to be a Swiss Army knife for the website in that sense. He can’t surf, doesn’t skate, but wears Vans. He doesn’t get stoked, he gets jazzed. Despite the stats, he will always root for Gatsby and the American Dream.

Read Hunter S. Thompson. Fall in style. Tony Soprano didn’t die.

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