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SAMMY RIGGS is Information By Happenstance.


SAMMY RIGGS is real, yes, but as of May 18th, 2015, our content is satirical.

What if I want to sue SAMMY RIGGS?

We would strongly prefer if you did not do that. Please do not do that. Satire is protected under the The First Amendment as a form of free speech, expression and general fun. Invented names are used in all SAMMY RIGGS stories, except where public figures are satirized. All other uses of real names are completely accidental and coincidental.

SAMMY RIGGS is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.

How can I contact SAMMY RIGGS?

Click here for information on contacting SAMMY RIGGS.

Can I submit articles or ideas to SAMMY RIGGS?

Yes, please send article submissions and inquiries to

How can I work for SAMMY RIGGS?

Be funny, diligent and kind to those in the service industry. Then send a note, writing samples and your résumé to

What if I have feedback on a SAMMY RIGGS article?

Please comment on the article, share it on your social media accounts or send feedback to

SAMMY RIGGS cannot guarantee a response to any feedback to its content.

What is SAMMY RIGGS’ privacy policy?

To read SAMMY RIGGS’ privacy policy, please click here.

What if I want to advertise with SAMMY RIGGS?

This is a great idea. SAMMY RIGGS is a rapidly growing brand eager to partner with businesses to form an alliance and take over the universe. We welcome all advertising and partnership inquiries, including banner ads, social advertising, video advertising and any other creative methods of which you may be thinking.

Please email

I’m a member of a media organization and I want to cover SAMMY RIGGS. How do I do that?

This is also a great idea. Please email

How can I bring SAMMY RIGGS to my event?

Our writers are eager and ready to speak at universities, conferences, AA meetings and festivals. Please email

What is up with the SAMMY RIGGS logo?

The SAMMY RIGGS logo is named Foxin. It is a cute little fox with large antlers. The Foxin is trademarked, so do not rip it off.

You can buy SAMMY RIGGS shirts in our shop.

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