Yep, you can legitimately bet on Katy Perry’s cleavage

Katy Perry is headlining this year’s Super Bowl halftime show. This is great. I love Katy Perry — she’s catchy, she’s sexy, she’s hip. Love her.

BUT, things are getting a little more interesting than simply watching KP prance around singing ‘Firework’ or ‘Teenage Dream.’

As is tradition, prop bets are popping up in curious fashion. There is a -550 line on whether or not Katy will show cleavage during the show.

Based on history — and on what one would like to “cheer” for — I would stay away from betting “no cleavage.”

Here’s KP at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2010 — one of the greatest live performances in the history of humanity (perhaps second only to Moses parting the Red Sea that one time).


Yep, cleavage.

Here’s KP on Letterman.


Yep, cleavage.

Now, full disclosure: she has gone “no cleavage” in more recent performances. Here she is at the 2014 BRIT Awards.


Truthfully, I don’t know what the hell that outfit was. I think it may have been stolen from an extra in Avatar, but it wasn’t cleavage. It was no cleavage. So, do your research, make your best guess, and place your bets. I’m all-in on cleavage… naturally (lol, puns).

Sources: Washington Post; Cover Photo

PS – Also, if it’s available, bet that she will wear make up. That’s a lock.

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