Yemen Shiite rebels announce they have taken over the country

This is not good. We do not want this. The Yemeni Shiite rebels, who are backed by Iran (I know, Iran are a bunch of assholes), ousted the country’s prime minister and federal government several days ago. Now they’ve announced a full takeover of the country, including a dissolving of Yemen’s parliament.

Cover Photo; Fox News; Map


Now, there are a couple reasons this is not good. First, because we were boys with the old leadership. They helped us out, especially in counterterrorism intelligence, and were our allies. Second, because the world’s most dangerous Al Qaeda branch, the Yemen Al Qaeda Branch, obviously operates out of Yemen. We were able to post up and work with the Yemeni government to run intelligence against this branch; now, this will likely not be possible.

It is important to note that this takeover is what the rebels are announcing; the takeover has not been confirmed by U.S. officials. 


PS – We did, however, kill one of this branch’s top leaders this week. Murica.


PPS – Here’s where Yemen is, guys.


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