We’ve got a standoff in Vegas after a road rage killing

This woman, Tammy Meyers, was killed outside her home after a road rage incident last week. The suspect reported followed her home, where he shot her multiple times. She died two days later.


Source: CNN

Now, as of 3:35 pET on Thursday, a standoff is underway near the same home. Larry Hadfield, the local police spokesman, said:

“The LVMPD is currently in the tactical phase of taking the suspect into custody in the Road Rage Homicide investigation.”

I have a pretty firm belief when driving that you just must remain calm. Don’t yell. Don’t shadow punch. Don’t honk. Just remain calm. I frequently tell The Design Team this while she drives, to which she does not respond particularly joyfully.

Anyway, we got one death because someone couldn’t remain calm while driving and followed home another drive and shot her, which you can’t do. That’s illegal and morally wrong. Very wrong.


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