Warner Bros. released the official ‘Entourage’ movie trailer

Here’s your first look at the Entourage movie.

At a glance: The boys go over budget on what appears to be a film starring Vince as a superhero/DJ in some dystopian setting where he may, or may not, be the leader of an apocalyptic undergroundish revolt. Ari is angry again, in therapy with is wife and boss as ever. Turtle has lost about 98 lbs and has a better Escalade. Drama doesn’t want to leave the life they live, but might have to. E is the man still, it’s tough not be to be when you’re wife is Sloan. Faster cars, mega-yachts, super models, skinnier Turtles and The Usual Entourage on steroids is what I’m seeing.

Their world seems to hang on the success of this mystery movie, let’s hope it’s better than Medellín…

Cover Photo: Complex.com 

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