Unlike Every Other Presidential Candidate Currently and Ever, Ben Carson Is Not Going to New Hampshire; He’s Going Home to Change

Boston.com — “Contrary to false media reports, Dr. Ben Carson is not suspending his presidential campaign, which is stronger than ever,” said Larry Ross, a spokesman for Carson. “After spending 18 consecutive days on the campaign trail, Dr. Carson needs to go home and get a fresh set of clothes.”

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Pretty funny move here from Carson. After yesterday’s Iowa caucus results were in (he finished 4th), every candidate immediately flew to New Hampshire to campaign for the February 9th primary. Not Carson — Carson flew to Florida to do some laundry and to Netflix and chill.

Honestly, might be a genius move. This is sort of the Trump effect — take what every inkling in your body tells you is the best and most sound political move and do the exact opposite. Everyone goes to New Hampshire after Iowa because you need to win primaries to become president? Fuck it, let’s go to Florida and grab some fresh boxers.


PS – Still find Carson’s understanding of homosexuality hilarious. Gays choose to be gay because look how many people become gay in prison!

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