Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane. Shit Is About To Get Even More Real.

If there’s one guy on the planet whose warplane you wouldn’t want to shoot down it’s gotta be Vladimir Putin. Talk about a death wish. Feels like this guy has just been waiting, holding, crouching in the shadows for someone to do something. He just wants a reason to snap, to go Ari Gold on another country.

Earlier today, Turkey shot down this Russian warplane. They claim it was violating Turkish airspace and given 10 warnings before it was shot down.

Russia claims the plane was above Syrian airspace. Putin called the shoot down “a stab in the back.”


Then, reportedly, Syrian rebels shot at the ejected pilots, killing one.


Tensions have already been extremely high among all parties. ISIS blew up Russian Metrojet 9268 on October 31st, killing 224 people. Yet Russia continues to involve itself in the region as a coalition of 2 (Iran and Russia) rather than the coalition of 65 (U.S., France, England, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Australia, Jordan, etc. etc.).

In a joint presser with French President Francois Hollande this afternoon, Obama urged both Russia and Turkey to deescalate this situation.

Knowing Putin, this will not happen. Not even close. He’s pissed. Russia is pissed. Turkey is not budging that they did nothing wrong. Shit’s about to continue to get real, and Putin said this afternoon there will be “substantial consequences” for Turkey’s actions.

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