Tsarnaev Gave The Finger To A Camera In His Cell So Yes, Continue To Wish Awful Things Happen To Him

Look we don’t really need any new reasons to hate this Tsarnaev shithead. He planted and detonated two bombs at a marathon, sending nails and other debris, which he packed into the bomb himself, into nearly 300 innocent people enjoying a nice holiday, killing a small boy and two young women. He then plotted more trouble, murdered an MIT officer, shot at several others, ran over his own brother and was eventually arrested bleeding out in a boat.

Oh, and if somehow someway in some weird world that wasn’t enough for you, he now has been shown flipping the bird to a cell camera about 3 months after the bombings.


artist’s rendition

The prosecution is arguing he is completely remorseless in an effort to get him the death penalty.

So yeah, this likely won’t change anyone’s mind of this assclown, but juuuust in case you were on the fence about him, remember that he gave the middle finger to a camera so you have to hate him now.

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