NASA Chief Scientist Predicts We Find ET by 2025!

Yes! Best news I’ve heard since ISIS got Ebola.

Ellen Stofan is a NASA chief scientist, which means he’s really fucking smart. Like rocket scientist smart (literally). He’s one of those guys that understands wtf they’re talking about in those wild space documentaries on Netflix.

Anywho, at a panel event on water yesterday (yes, they have panel events on water), Stofan gave boldly optimistic predictions about when we will discover life beyond Earth.


“I think we’re going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth within a decade, and I think we’re going to have definitive evidence within 20 to 30 years.”


WHAMMY! This has always been one of my bucket list things. Well, not bucket list because it’s not like I’m going to be doing anything — I’ll just be sitting on my couch waiting for Facebook/Twitter to blow up about aliens. What I mean is that I desperately hope it happens in my lifetime, for it will be amazing.

Sources: Huff Post;

Parties everywhere. Religions panicking. ET playing on repeat on TNT. Star Wars themed shindigs at the Playboy mansion. Doctor Neil de Grasse Tyson telling the entire world “I told you so” while interviewing with everyone from TMZ to Brian Williams, then Brian Williams reporting that he interviewed Tyson on the moon while dodging North Korean space rockets.

“We know where to look. We know how to look,” super smart chief scientist Stofan went on. “In most cases we have the technology, and we’re on a path to implementing it. And so I think we’re definitely on the road.”

Love it. So glad we’re on “the road.”

Jeffery Newmark, another scientist on this cool water panel and NASA’s interim director of heliophysics (lol), reiterated that it is just a matter of time.


“It’s definitely not an if, it’s a when.” 


Color me pumped, NASA. You have my attention. Shoot me a push notification when we find these bad boys.

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