Toews and Kane reach 8-year extension deal with Hawks

“‘This was a no-brainer from start to finish. Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane wanted to stay in Chicago and the Blackhawks wanted to keep the high-scoring forwards in the only NHL uniform they have ever known,’ …General manager Stan Bowman said all along that ‘the extensions were his biggest offseason priority’…Each contract is worth $84 million for an average annual value of $10.5 million over 8 years.”

Source: ABC

Locking down 2 of the top 7-ish forwards in the world, for 8 more years? Chi-town really had no choice on this one. Couple of gifts from God for Chicago. I mean talk about a couple of high draft picks who ‘panned out.’ Understatement of the century. These two are out of control.

Fantastic news for hockey fans and entertainment fans alike. 8 more years of this:

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