Friday 13th ‘Honeymoon’ won’t happen again until June 2098

Today, this Friday, and this 13th, the world will experience the first full ‘Honeymoon’ in almost 100 years. Special day for homosapiens everywhere. The moon apparently is huge, and gold, and looks really cool. So try to snag a peak at it, because it won’t happen again for 84 years.

“This Friday the 13th will be extra-beautiful (or creepy, depending on your perspective) because this month’s full moon coincides with its perigee—when it’s closest to earth during its orbit—so it will appear super large on the horizon. Pair that with the June summer solstice—when the sun cuts its highest path in the sky—and a smattering of atmospheric dust and pollution, and the whole thing will give off an amber—or “honey”—hue.”

Source: Sploid

So, yeah. Cool, rare, full moon. Friday the 13th. Tough combo to ignore. Werewolves and superstition don’t make a cozy pair for the mind. So stay inside. Go outside. Be afraid. Be intrigued. Whatever floats your boat. But yeah, today is weird. I guess soon we will find out what kind of weird. Brace yourselves.

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