Tiger Wood’s over/under on today’s round is 70

Tiger Tracker has the over/under at 70.

The par is 71. The course has been changed to be more difficult. Tiger hasn’t played here in over a decade. Last time Tiger played (anywhere) he tied for last place in his own tournament. He couldn’t chip. Literally. Couldn’t chip.

70 would be a 1-under. The current leader is Keegan Bradley at -5 through 14 holes. But, overall, the scores aren’t particularly phenomenal. So the course is harder. 70 seems like a good number.

I’m taking the under. I didn’t think I was going to, but literally in the 90 seconds it took me to write this, I convinced myself to take the under. A 2 or 3-under round in the 60s just feels right. Feels like it’s time.

Let’s. Go. Eldrick!





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