This Poor Guy Playing Bethpage Black Is A Perfect Metaphor For The Human Struggle

When playing Bethpage Black, one must embrace the struggle. 😂

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Yep. This is life. Here you are getting up early in the morning, putting on a fresh outfit, eating a delicious breakfast and grabbing a fresh coffee. Today is your day. A great day. You got this.

Then you walk out your door and for the next 16 hours shit just goes wrong. Everywhere. Endlessly. A bird shits on your car. You spill coffee on your shoe. Traffic. Honking. And you’re not even to work yet.

This poor golfer guy. He’s just trying to have a good time with his buddies. Head outside, snatch some fresh air, catch some scenery, play a little game. Nope. Couple minutes in he’s standing sideways, half in a sandpit, struggling to keep his balance, swinging blindly at a tiny ball, making it go nowhere while simultaneously stumbling backwards into aforementioned sandpit.

If someone said, “Describe the human life experience in 15 seconds,” I’d just show this and walk away. Like yep, this is us. We struggle. Constantly.


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