This Hot Muslim-American Chick’s Letter to Trump Goes Viral Because People Always Forget That The Donald Doesn’t Care

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Look I’m sure the Donald coming after your religion or your heritage or your race is frustrating. I’m sure reading quote after quote day after day of Trump launching a giant middle finger in the face of all minorities — then seeing his poll numbers skyrocket — is frustrating. If I weren’t a straight-off-the-shelf American white dude, I’m sure I could relate.

But how do people not understand by now that the Donald is above the backlash? He doesn’t have time for it. By the time young, hot Muslim chicks’ open letters build enough momentum to go viral Trump is two ridiculous comments ahead. These people are tapping gloves and Trump is landing his second uppercut. The Mexicans are pissed? Trump’s onto the blacks. The blacks are pissed? Trump’s onto the Muslims. The Muslims are pissed? Trump’s onto women.

Oh, there’s an open letter to me from an upset Muslim… didn’t I say we should make Muslims all wear yellow Stars Of David like 10 years ago? Whatever.

So yeah, it’s cute and nice that these heartfelt letters go viral. Good for Marwa. But the Donald doesn’t have time for the small ball viral Facebook post game — by the time we all catch up he’s onto the White House.


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