This Goalie Absolutely Buries This Poor Skater

Oh no the ref blew the whistle I’m so sad I didn’t get my breakaway what a bad break for m… DEAD.

Have to blame the skater here. What was he thinking? Never let your guard down dude. Especially not when there’s a fight behind you. The ref literally blew the whistle because people are fighting and you’re just lollygagging straight-legged right at the goalie? Goalies are whackjobs. Complete psychos. It’s dangerous to skate at them with your stick ready as a sword let alone completely defenseless.

Don’t wanna say the goalie did what I would do here but you can’t be caught off guard by it. Have to at least put yourself in a position to defend yourself. This kid won’t make it past high school hockey. Shocked he made it this far.


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