Think this base jumper is dead? He might be dead.

This guy’s mindset and general base jumping protocol is way off. Obviously, the handstand is a ridiculous move. However, if you’re going to try it, you need to have a decent radar for red flags.

The first red flag? When your pants are blowing in the wind like you’re lining up a putt at the British Open. You’re not going to be able to casually handstand with that going on.

The second and BIGGEST red flag? When you fail to make it a quarter of the way up on your first handstand attempt. I’m pretty sure this guy couldn’t do a handstand on the International Space Station, let alone up on this windy elevated base jump platform.

Maybe hit the abort button, call the audible, stand up like a normal human and jump off like everyone else.

You’ve already got a crowd thinking you’re crazy; no reason to be stubborn about your base jump handstand game and flail your way down to an abrupt ending.

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