The Skinny: Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015


The world continues to go ’round on this fine spring day. It’s currently 66 in Boston, 56 in St. Louis, 35 in really northern Minnesota, 53 in Seattle, 83 in Miami and 3 degrees in Antarctica with a windchill of -11.

It’s Hump day boys, girls, ladies and gentlemen. It’s also The Skinny. Let’s do this.


Iran, Yemen and Uncle Sam 

A conflict has emerged this week as U.S. ships have been sent to Yemeni waters to intercept Iranian ships attempting to arm Houthi rebels (bad guys) in Yemen. President Obama calls the move part of “very direct messages” to Iran about attempting to supply the rebels.

Experts are calling the message mixed, however, as multiple administration spokesmen denied or downplayed a connection between U.S. warships deployed to the area and an approaching Iranian convoy.

NFL Players Concussion Lawsuit

A federal judge has approved a class-action settlement of the NFL players’ concussion lawsuit, demanding that retired players may be entitled to up to $5 million for serious medical conditions associated with repeated head trauma.

Deadly Church Potluck Dinner

1 person died and at least 23 more were hospitalized after a botulism outbreak following a church potluck dinner. Everyone infected ate at the dinner. Botulism is a rarely fatal food poisoning that is not contagious and could only affect those that directly ate the dinner.

The CDC released 50 vials of antitoxin that will combat the poison.

Plane Makes Emergency Landing

A Skywest Airlines (no clue what that is) plane made an emergency landing in Buffalo after a passenger fell ill. This might not seem like a big story but, with aviation’s record over the last year, we’re not letting anything slide. You gotta keep your head on a swivel out there.


Tim Tebow

The Philadelphia Eagles signed Tebow to a one-year contract earlier this week. That’s cute. Now peeps from every corner are chiming in, including former NFL kicker Jay Feely who said, “He was the single-worst quarterback I ever saw in my career in the NFL.”

Stanley Cup Playoffs

In 4 games last night we saw an OT game, a 3-OT game, a one-goal game and a three-goal game. The playoffs have been electric so far and show no sign of slowing today.

Tonight we’ve got Montreal at Ottawa, New York Rangers at Pittsburgh and St. Louis at Minnesota. Here’s how the 8 series stand.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 3.56.25 PM

NBA Playoffs

Oklahoma City fired coach Scott Brooks after 7 years today, and here’s how the league’s first round sits.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 4.02.46 PM


The boys are at the Zurich Classic in New Orleans this week.

In Tiger news, Jack Nicklaus said today that he expects Woods to play in The Memorial at Muirfield in May after he had a “long, long talk” with him at the Masters.

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day.

Missing Plane

Still missing.


The Dow closed +88 points and the NASDAQ was +21 on news of more Apple hype.

Super Important Fact

The US has 10 aircraft carriers currently in service and 2 in reserve. The rest of the world has a combined 10 carriers in service and 1 in reserve.


Yes, we have a bigger navy than the rest of the world combined. Exciting stuff. Let’s get out there and do our part to support that. Can’t let Putin gain an inch.

Have a day!


Reagan; Cover photo

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