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The protests got some new endorsers last night. LeBron James and Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers wore “I can’t breathe” shirts during warmups. The shirts represent the last words of Eric Garner before he died in July, words that have become a kind of slogan for the nationwide protests.



Cleveland 12-year-old Shooting

The mother of Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old shot and killed by police last month, said, “I’m actually looking for a conviction.” Tamir was wielding a pellet gun in a park in Cleveland when he was shot by police. The orange tip indicating the weapon was fake had been ripped off.

The mother claims that Tamir’s 14-year-old sister was tackled and handcuffed by police when she attempted to come to Tamir’s aid.

Torture Report

Marines across the globe have been put on high alert in anticipation of a Senate Intelligence Committee report on interrogation tactics in the aftermath of 9/11. Officials believe there may be retaliation to the report from our enemies.

Outgoing Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Diane Feinstein, a Democrat, has said, “Anybody who reads this is going to never let this happen again.”

ISIS on the Defensive

Commanders in Iraq believe that ISIS is on the defensive, trying to hold the gains they made through the spring and summer. Relentless coalition strikes have made it difficult for the deranged militants to move and communicate.

The U.S. has 1,500 troops in Iraq and NATO and other countries in the region are sending an additional 1,500 soon. Iraqi forces are running ground operations.

British Royals 

Will and Kate went to the Cavs/Nets game in Brooklyn last night. They’ve been around the block already, sitting down with Obama, Hillary Clinton, and chatting with LeBron, Jay Z and Beyonce.

So yeah, their trip is going well. A very normal 3-day vacation.

Missing Plane

Still missing. Literally a giant airliner is still just missing.



Dow: 17,852, -106 (-0.59%)  S&P 500: 2,060, -15 (-0.73%)

Bad, bad, bad. The Dow’s two monster oil companies, Exxon and Chevron, got crushed yesterday. Their stocks hit the lowest prices since 2013. Low oil prices, while great for us at the pump, are killing these oil giants. And the market felt it yesterday.

McDonald’s shares fell over 3% after reporting November sales dropped 2.2%. Investors are attributing this drop to a combination of a supplier with questionable meat products in Asia and a plethora of other competitive options for people to get fast, cheap food.

Russia’s Ruble hit a new low due to the low oil prices. So yeah, low oil prices are good for us at the pump and bad for oil companies and Putin. Tough to hate that.

Market Snacks


NFL – The Packers (10-3) held on to beat the Falcons (5-8) at Lambeau Field last night, 43-37. After leading 30-7 at halftime, Green Bay’s secondary fell apart, allowing Atlanta to make it a game. Julio Jones had a monster night receiving, recording a career high and Falcons record 259 yards. Despite the loss, the Falcons still lead the NFC South. It is now a lock that a team with a non-winning record will win that division.

Reports indicate that Johnny Manziel will start for the Browns Sunday.

NBA – The Cavs, along with showing some support for the protests, won their 7th straight last night. There were 7 total games.

Screenshot 2014-12-09 09.11.42

NHL – Martin Brodeur got his first win as a St. Louis Blue last night, as the Blues topped the Panthers in St. Louis, 4-1. There were just 2 other games.

Screenshot 2014-12-09 09.12.48

College Football – The Oregon Ducks’ Marcus Mariota highlights the Heisman Finalists list. He’s considered a virtual lock for the award.

Bleacher Report;;


Discovery is taking some heat after promoting an ‘Eaten Alive’ show that didn’t really deliver. The promos indicated that a man dressed in a protective suit would be eaten whole by a giant anaconda. Instead, he was just tightly constricted by the terrifying reptile. The people aren’t happy about it.


Screenshot 2014-12-09 09.20.21

The Book

Super Important Fact

The green anaconda is the heaviest snake in the world, weighing as much as 550 pounds and stretching as long as 29 feet.


Whoop, there it is. Glad to see ISIS is on the defensive. Let’s put work on the defensive. Let’s have a day.

New York Knicks v Miami Heat

Images: LeBron; Cover

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