The Skinny: Thursday, April 16th, 2015

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What a brisk spring morning we’ve got ourselves on this fine Thursday. The Sun shines brightly over our snowless Boston landscape. If you saw this place 6 weeks ago, you would understand that the snowless part of that picture is shocking.

But alas, we have made it. We’re expecting a temperature that starts with a 6 today and that’s just swell.

As usual, lots of hot action in the world. Let’s get to it.


Stanley Cup Playoffs

The quest for the Cup commenced yesterday and it commenced with a little bit of everything. We saw a double OT thriller in Nashville, a frenzied hold in Montreal, a road thrashing in Washington and a comeback nail-biter in Vancouver.

When the smoke cleared, Chicago, Montreal, New York Islanders and Calgary all held 1-0 series leads.


Yes Aaron Hernandez was found guilty on all counts yesterday, including murder in the first degree. That conviction carries an automatic sentence in Massachusetts — life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The judge in the case basically ruled in a way that would never allow an appeal, so Hernandez is fucked. He’s also facing double-homicide charges in Boston.

He’s not a great guy.


ISIS is moving on the Iraqi city of Ramadi, which lies just 68 miles west of Baghdad. One man, who’s home was commandeered by the militants, detailed the scene to CNN.

“We heard clashes in the early morning, and we couldn’t see the security forces anywhere,” he told. “We saw the ISIS fighters, they just came into the house, they didn’t say a word. They just sent a sniper to the roof. I grabbed my children and ran.”

150,000 people have fled the city.

Panama City Beach Spring Break

A video that captured a public gang rape on a beach in Panama City is causing a stir about the spring break activities that transpire there. About 100,000 college students descend upon the Panama City Beach area for spring break, and what goes on there has officials rattled (understandably so).

The video, which surfaced this week, shows a packed beach scene with hundreds, and probably thousands, of beach-goers partying. In the midst of the action, and in blatant public, several men gang rape a woman against her will. The bystanders do nothing, and now the county’s police are pledging to step up.

“Spring break as we know it is over. It can’t stay if this is what it wants to be,” said police commissioner Mike Thomas. “The people that enjoy participating in spring break have acted in such a way that they can’t stay here any longer.”



The NBA playoff field was locked up after the New Orleans Pelicans won on Anthony Davis’ 31 points last night, eliminated OKC.

The playoffs kick off next week.

USA v Mexico

The US men’s national soccer team played Mexico in a friendly in San Antonio last night. Uncle Sam’s boys won 2-0, getting a goal and a heroic debut performance from current Stanford soccer star (yes he’s 20 years old and in college) Jordan Morris.

Morris looked like the man of the match, but is legit too young to receive the award because it is sponsored by Budweiser.


Boys are at Harbor Town in Hilton Head this week. Spieth is there, because he’s a legend.

Missing Plane

MH 370… update today! They doubled the search area. So it’s still missing… very, very much missing.


Dow: 18,113, +76 (+0.42%)  S&P 500: 2,107, +11 (+0.51%)

Tax Day wasn’t a bad day for the market. Investors pushed the Dow up 76 thanks to some strong corporate earnings.

Netflix is not messing around. The streaming company reported that 62 million people over 50+ countries subscribe to the service, including a new 4.9 million last quarter. That lands them a nice $42 million profit with $1.6 billion in revenue.

You know Etsy, the peer-to-peer e-commerce site for handmade goods? Well they’re going public. Shares will be coming in at $16, pricing the company at a fun $1.8 billion.

Today we’re looking out for quarterlies from BlackRock, Crown Holdings, Sherwin-Williams, and Mattel.

Market Snacks

Super Important Fact

There are 6 US states that have more cars than people. They are Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, Iowa, Alabama and Nebraska.


Happy Thursday, folks. The Stanley Cup Playoff action continues to roll tonight with 4 more games. Grind through today then have yourself an action-packed evening.


Photos: Gretzky; Cover

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