The Skinny: Monday, April 6th, 2015

Aloha, peeps. After nearly 2 weeks of technical issues, we are back. We were up, then we were down, then we were kinda up, then we were kinda down.

Now, we are very up. Great timing, one might say, as Masters Week begins. The best week of the year.

We’ve got Rolling Stone taking some heat, the Final Four concluding tonight, the golf world descending upon Augusta, and more.

It’s The Skinny. Let us do this.


Rolling Stone

Last year, Rolling Stone infamously published a mostly false rape story about an incident at a UVA frat. Basically, the reporter of that story did not interview key figures involved in the alleged victim’s story — including the accused offenders — thus failing to notice the falsities in the tale. ‘Jackie,’ the alias given to the alleged victim, turned out to be an oscar-worthy actor and creator of lies that fooled Rolling Stone.

A Columbia University review of the entire incident found multiple failures in Rolling Stone‘s procedure conducting the journalistic investigation and subsequent publishing. In the fall out, Rolling Stone — and the story’s author — have apologized; however, Rolling Stone fired no one, for which they are now taking much, well-deserved, heat.

Kenyan College Massacre

Last week, 147 people — mostly college students — were killed as terrorists attacked Garissa University College in Kenya. The terrorists are believed to have been members of Al-Shabaab, a Somalia-based terror group with a history of attacks in Kenya.

Since, much scrutiny has fallen on Kenyan officials and the apparent incompetency that may have contributed to the massive death toll. There were, reportedly, warnings of an imminent attack — to which the Kenyan government did little to nothing. There also was, reportedly, a multiple-hour window between when the attack on the college began (about 5:30 am) and when the “rapid response” forces arrived. That multiple-hour delay is being blamed on a lack of coordinated transportation. Obviously, these incompetencies are under the microscope.

Final Four

Wisconsin knocked off 38-0 Kentucky on Saturday night, booking themselves a date with Duke (who smoked Michigan State) for the National Championship on Monday night. Wisconsin is a 1-point favorite as of Monday morning. The game tips off at 9:18 pET. 

The Masters

Masters week has begun. We’ve got 2 full days of practice, the Par 3 Contest on Wednesday, and the tourney playing out Thursday – Sunday. The weather looks so-so, with thunderstorms likely throughout the weekend. Tiger is the big story entering the week, as Eldrick hasn’t played since February when he chipped the ball like he was using a shovel.

Opening Day

Today is Opening Day for baseball. Although I would like to point out that, last night, the Cardinals pumped the Cubs in Chicago, 3-0. During that pumping, Wrigley Field was in such brutal shape that patrons had to pee in cups while waiting in hour-plus lines for the bathroom.


There’s just one week left in the NHL regular season and things are tight.

In the East, Boston, Pittsburgh, Detroit and Ottawa are 4 teams fighting for the last 3 spots. Ottawa is currently the lone squad out, with 93 points to the other three’s 95 points. All 4 teams have 3 games remaining and Ottawa plays Pittsburgh tomorrow night.

In the West, St. Louis has taken over the top spot while Winnipeg, Calgary and LA are battling it out for the final spots. Winnipeg and LA both have 92 points, and tiebreakers have Winnipeg on the outside looking in, but both those squads have a game in hand on Calgary, who’s got 93 points.


I mean, Brooklyn and Boston are currently in playoff spots in the East with 35-41 and 35-42 records, respectively. That’s all I have to say about the NBA.


Novak Djokovic apologized after nearly killing a ball boy in Miami yesterday. He defeated Andy Murray (for the 7th straight time) in the tournament’s final, but, while frustratingly growling towards his support camp, he scared the shit out of a young ball boy (okay he didn’t almost kill him; he literally just scared him a little bit in hilarious fashion).

Missing Plane

Still missing.


The Dow is +165 and the NASDAQ is +38 at the time of this posting. This is good news, as a mediocre week last week was capped off with a mediocre (aka subpar) March jobs report. 


Hillary Clinton reportedly signed a lease on a hip, startup-ish building for her Presidential Campaign Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York last week. The move leads pundits to believe an official announcement on her Presidential ambitions to be coming very soon, as candidates have just 15 days to officially announce once allocating campaign funds for something like leasing a massive HQ in Brooklyn.

Boston Bombing Trial

Closing arguments begun today. We’ll have a couple days of this before the case concludes. The jury will then deliberate and the terrorist’s fate will be announced. Pundits are predicting that deliberations will not last very long and the verdict(s) will not be good for the terrorist.

John Oliver Interviews Snowden

In 2013, NSA technical employee Edward Snowden leaked thousands of classified documents to multiple media outlets. He did so in the name of revealing secrets to the American people about how their government was acquiring and handling their private information.

Since, he has been hailed as both a hero and a traitor. He’s been stationed in Russia, where he’s been granted temporary asylum while he continues to avoid facing his fate in the US. Well, John Oliver got to him, sitting down with him in Moscow. It was funny and informative, as John Oliver does.

Super Important Fact

As revealed in the Snowden interview, the government can “capture” your private communications because of the international way in which private company’s transmit your data.

For example, if you send a private, domestic gmail to a girlfriend in the United States, Google stores that data in their servers. Then, without informing you, they may move that data to different servers around the world, making it cross in and out of the United States. Because of this, the government can intercept and capture your data, for it has now become an international transmission (or something like that).

Boom. Happy Masters Week. Happy Monday. All good vibes. Have yourselves a day.


Sources: CNN; ESPN; Tiger photo; Cover photo

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