The New iPhone May Be Such A Skinny Betch That It Can’t Fit A Headphone Jack

Business Insider — The next iPhone, presumably called the iPhone 7, could be more than one millimeter slimmer than the iPhone 6S. But making a smartphone that thin might be impossible if the headphone jack is left the way it is.

Instead of plugging your headphones into the traditional port, Apple might let headphones plug into the slimmer Lightning port, which is primarily used to charge the iPhone. 

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If I understand this correctly, and it’s unlikely but possible that I do, it sounds like the new iPhone is gonna be so damn skinny that it can’t even have a traditional headphone jack. Like that little tiny hole on the bottom is legit too wide for the new iPhone. I don’t know how that’s possible but apparently it is. The reason I blogged this is because until I received a green text message this morning I just assumed everyone had an iPhone. Everyone. Every grown adult, infant, baby. I even thought there was a good chance unborn children in the womb had iPhones and I always wondered what we did with their iPhones in the case of late-term abortions. Just thought everyone had an iPhone. But with this green text message as proof, apparently not? There are people out there that actually use something other than an iPhone. It’s insane. That’d be like if your buddy showed up to Sunday funday and was like, Hey can you turn down that HD TV I’m trying to listen to the game on my AM radio. 

Anywho, I blogged it because it’s something we all can relate to. Because we all have an iPhone. So they’re going to create a new one that requires a totally new headphone game. Typical Apple. Just reinventing an industry we all thought they weren’t even a player in. All the sudden we’re all gonna have skinnier, sleeker headphones. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple invents headphones whose wires don’t tangle. It’s not even a question of if but when. I need untangleable headphones and I needed them yesterday.


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