Jurassic World: the next installment in the Dr. Frankenstein series.

The Jurassic World Trailer… looks familiar.

Jurassic World is Jurassic Park in 2015. It will be cooler and somewhat more relatable (the scene with smartphones and selfies at the Sea Worldesque dinosaur feeding) than the last JP III footage from 2001. Science has come a long way since Jurassic Park debuted in 1993, and because of advancements in the field of genetics the lesson here is more relevant than ever.

At the heart of Jurassic World is the same warning, an ethics lesson for humanity – be careful with your science kit – based on the fear that if someone doesn’t watch Dr. Frankenstein he’ll inevitably have his day. Writers love playing with this dilemma, the old progress debacle: science needs to keep chugging down those tracks to the next breakthrough on the horizon, but at what cost?

Whether the robots we created are revolting, scientists are bestowing genetically modified sharks with human intellect, the planet is being overrun by intelligent  apes, or geneticists are recreating the world of dinosaurs, the humans always go too far (and then die). I think that is an underlying theme/fear in the story of humanity that will be with us forever. The first guy who brought fire home to the cave is the same guy who first went up to space and the same woman who will clone the first human – progress is highly controversial and scary as hell.

I’m a fan of everything to do with Jurassic Park. It is another wondrous Hollywood success formula, based on an original novel written by Michael Crichton, and spun into a collection of what will soon be four films. Since Jurassic Park debuted in 1993 the film collection has grossed $1, 517,955, 333.

Source: TheMovieDB Cover Photo Credit: CNet

Sadly, palaeogeneticists have discovered that DNA’s half life prevents us from ever recreating the 65 million-year-old T-Rex, so this crazy shit won’t happen:

But the robots might.

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