The Horizontal Line

Editor’s Note

Hey. Hi. How are ya. Good. Great. Grand. I just want to take a moment to discuss something with ya’ll.

I love that horizontal line. You may have noticed that it has — this week — appeared quite frequently in posts. That’s because it’s awesome, and I love it. I’m not quite sure why; maybe because it provides a calm, smooth transition. Maybe because it gives posts space without breaking them up. Everybody likes to have some space; nobody likes to be broken up.

There’s just a little button I hit, and then it appears. The line. It just appears. I discovered this button this weekend and have been a bit horizontal-line-happy all week. I’ve even gone back through some old posts and just thrown it in randomly. I hope it’s not annoying. If it is, I’m sure I’ll detect its annoyingness — it just might take me some time. Perhaps a day or two. I have a pretty good radar for these things, but it’s not uncommon for my judgement to be a bit clouded by my immediate excitement. It usually subsides.



PS – Here’s a baby panda sneezing because a) why not and b) this post might have been a little weird.


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