Terrorists attack Paris satirical magazine, kill at least 12

On Wednesday morning three masked terrorists stormed the Paris office of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical magazine. Carrying assault rifles, they killed at least 12 and wounded at least 11 before fleeing in a stolen car. They then are believed to have taken to the city’s vast subway system. The assailants are still on the loose.

As one might predict, this satirical magazine has published cartoons and articles lampooning Islamic radicals. Different terror groups have condemned the publication, threatening retaliation for their comedic publishings of Islam. One of their last tweets before the attack mocked ISIS leader Al-Baghdadi.

At least 2 cops are reported to have been killed during the attack. Images captured police confronting the terrorists in the streets.

Cell phone footage captured the gunmen shooting and killing a police officer.


France has now raised its terror alert level to the highest level nationwide following the attack.

As many are noting, this is an attack on free media, one of the first ingredients to a free society.

Barry released the following statement on the attack.

A massive manhunt for the terrorists is underway, something we in Boston can relate to.

As is tradition, these cowards will not likely let themselves be taken alive. We will be here to keep you updated on how that turns out. In the mean time, keep joking, keep cartooning, keep lampooning. It’s fun and these jihadists just don’t like fun.

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