Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram got hacked

This happened today. Someone hacked T-Swizzle’s accounts and had a little fun. Here are some screenshots of the action.


First, her Twitter.



Then her Instagram.


Then the hacker posted a humble brag snapshot of his linked Twitter accounts.


Swizzle’s fans weren’t too happy about it. Or they were really happy to potentially get a followback. One or the other.

Once the action began to unfold, the Swizz took to Tumblr to address the situation.


The hacker then posted some hallow-sounding threat about posting nudes, if he gets a certain amount of Bitcoin.

Our girl called their bluff.

And now all seems back to normal. Kind of feels like you’re not legit unless you get hacked now? That’s the new thing right. In past it’s been getting invited to the Playboy mansion or going on The Tonight Show. That made you legit.

Now you have to get hacked. That’s it. No hack, you’re a hack. Get hacked, you’re legit.

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