Super Important Site Update

Hello, humans. Our site has been down, and back up, and back down — like a fun roller coaster — over the past 5 days. Here is what’s going on.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of last week, our web host’s server was simply down. This is extremely unusual. And extremely frustrating. We battled on the telephone, on the Twitter, on the email, and through any medium we could to get back up. On Friday afternoon, we finally returned.

Our host offered us some free stuff. We might accept it; we might not accept it. But we’re back.


In our time off last week, we were incapable of creating or publishing posts. So, we did some internal reflection, analysis, and meditation. Through this, we decided on a few changes we’d like to make. Over the weekend, we worked on these changes and, this morning, looked to implement these changes.

In doing this, we got a little aggressive with the behind-the-scenes stuff. We like aggressive. But we got a little too aggressive, and essentially lost the entire site. Once again, The Design Team went to work and was able to restore our site to yesterday’s settings. So, we’re back.


We haven’t been operating at full capacity the past 5 days. Issues happen. We’re young. But, consider this a lovely blessing in disguise. We’ll be doing some very cool work this evening and will be firing on all cylinders tomorrow.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, fired Steve Jobs, then re-hired Steve Jobs. Donald Trump’s companies have filed for bankruptcy 4 times. Sammy Riggs’ site was down for 5 days once in 2014.

Big deal. Empires face adversity. Adapt and conquer.

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