First Squash Video I’ve Ever Watched And It’s Fantastic

I know people want to look at this retrieval as the highlight of the video — and it’s very good — but the video delivers in so many ways.


First, love SquashTV. The fact that that’s a thing is terrific. Laughed out loud when it flashed “SquashTV” at the beginning.

Second, pure lack of fundamentals from red shirt here. Anybody that’s ever played a single rally of squash knows the entire game is about “getting back to the T.” Any instructor will tell you that. They never talk about the racket or hitting wall shots. The only thing they ever tell you is to get back to the T. That’s it. Red shirt did not get back to the T and he lost the point. That’s just what happens dude.

Third, the camera cutting to the kid from Modern Family passed the fuck out IMMEDIATELY after like the coolest footage from a squash match of all time was PERFECT.

OH, amazing squash play! And the atmosphere with the crowd is electric! …

…  sammy-riggs-squash-tv


A+ video. Loved every minute of it. Huge fan of SquashTV and their product.


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