South Carolina Cop Charged With Murder After Shooting Caught On Video

Yeah, that’s murder. That’s straight off the shelf murder.

This video, shot by a bystander, captures South Carolina police officer Michael Slager unloading 8 shots toward 50-year-old Walter Scott. At least 1 bullet struck Scott in the heart, killing him.

Clearly, Scott is black and Slager is white, adding to the fierce debate about white police violently discriminating against black citizens.

The video also captures the aftermath of the shooting, which appears to show Slager running back towards the scene of the initial tussle between the two, picking up his taser, then dropping it near the body of Scott.

For several minutes, Scott lay facedown and handcuffed before any officers give him medical attention.

Look, some of these are vague. Sometimes you just don’t know what happened. This one is not vague. Shooting someone 8 times is outrageous. I mean, if he would have shot this guy 1 time it would be very, very illegal — he shot him 8 times. OUTRAGEOUS.

There was no intent to “defend.” There was no intent to even just stop Walter Scott. He shot to kill, for absolutely no reason, then went out of his way to cover it up, all while leaving Scott there to die.

That’s not a mix up. That’s not a mistake. That’s not an overreaction. That’s murder. Clear, malicious, remorseless murder.


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