Small Plane Crashes Into Ohio House; 9 Dead

SourceA small plane crashed Tuesday into a house while approaching an airport in Akron, Ohio, officials said, killing an unspecified number of people on board.

“It’s unknown how many are in the plane at this time. We do know there are deaths in the plane, but we don’t know how many or who the passengers are,” Ohio State Highway Patrol Lt. Bill Haymaker told reporters at the scene.

Haymaker said the twin-engine plane, believed to be a Hawker jet, had the capacity to carry 10 people.

The aircraft clipped telephone or electrical wires, Haymaker said, before plowing into a home, and then an embankment.

Evening Update (Source) — Augusto Lewkowicz, identified as the owner and operator of the plane, tells the Akron Beacon Journal that nine people, including two pilots, were on board the 10-passenger plane. He would not release their names.

Lewkowicz said the plane was on the second leg of a charter that began Monday. He noted there was no indication prior to the crash that anything was wrong.

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Sad story here. Anytime a plane crashes we all cringe a bit. That could be any of us — we all ride planes, we all hope it doesn’t crash, we all cry inside a bit when turbulence hits. You’re doing something humans don’t do — flying through the air. You have zero control and, when something goes wrong on a plane, everyone dies. That’s just how it works.

Now, onto the house.

Lots of things can happen to your home. Flooding. Ants. Fire. But if your house gets destroyed by the random crash of an airplane called a Hawker jet, that home is just not meant to be. It’s just not your dream house, not where you’re going to raise your family. It’s just not destiny.

It’s like if your car is one of those cars that gets swept away in a sinkhole on YouTube every couple months. You can’t be mad; you just chalk it up as you needed a new car. Mother nature is telling you you need a new car. It’s not your fault. It’s not her fault. It’s nobody’s fault — you just need a new car. Fact.

Same deal when house gets destroyed by airplane. Don’t get mad. Don’t freak out. Don’t cry. Just be glad everyone on the ground is okay and inform your family that it is time to move. You’re moving to a new house. Forever.


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