SkyMall files for bankruptcy?!

USA TODAY — The company that produces SkyMall, the in-flight shopping catalog that offers iFetch ball launcher for dogs and mini clap-on alarm clocks to airline travelers, seems headed for a hard financial landing.

SkyMall LLC, parent firm Xhibit Corp. and related subsidiaries filed for federal bankruptcy court protection in Phoenix on Friday, seeking a court-supervised sale of its assets.

SkyMall’s catalog, found in the seatback pockets on many airline flights, once enjoyed a captive audience among air travelers. No more.



Wait, you can’t run a profitable business selling hovering basketball hoops and life-size Chewbacca statues? Blasphemy!

Seriously though, SkyMall was a phenomenal hungover/drunk read. When you’re heading back to school after a holiday break bender very hungover/still drunk and browse through the SkyMall. It was fascinating. Literally wanted everything in there. Thought it was genius. Couldn’t comprehend how you hadn’t seen these products before, how they weren’t more mainstream.

Turns out hungover/drunk college kids don’t have money/don’t buy clap-on alarm clocks. Too bad. RIP, SkyMall. Love you.

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