The Skinny: Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

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We got a double whammy of bad news in the Ebola situation here.


A second Dallas health care worker has tested positive for Ebola. Not good. This worker was also working with Thomas Duncan, the Liberian man who died of the virus last week.

The Dallas mayor said, “It might get worse before it gets better, but it will get better.”


A union has heavily criticized the Dallas hospital that’s been handling this Ebola situation, saying “guidelines were constantly changing” and “there were no protocols” in terms of how to deal with Ebola.

Experts are saying there could be 10,000 new Ebola cases per week in West Africa by the end of this year.

Facebook, Apple, and freezing eggs

Facebook and Apple will both reportedly pay female workers to freeze eggs. This practice allows females to put their fertility on standby so they can crank out kids later in life.

Sounds cool. Science fer the win.

Hong Kong protesters!

And we’re back! Protesters were confronted by police today as they attempted to block a major road to government headquarters. Pepper spray was used by police to attempt to stifle the efforts of protesters. Things are heating up again. I like it.

Texas abortion clinics 

The Supreme Court stepped in to order Texas not to enforce a recent law that shut down several abortion clinics. Basically Texas ruled for the shutdowns, abortion rights peoples asked the Supreme Court justices to step in on an emergency basis. And then they did, ordering Texas to just relax, thus allowing the clinics to reopen.

Oscar Pistorius

Bladerunner aka scumbag murderer is in day 3 of his sentencing hearing. Wild new information has emerged, like the fact that Pistorius offered the parents of his slain girlfriend a large sum of money after he killed her. They turned down the offer as “blood money,” but are peculiarly accepting monthly payments. Yeah, that seems innocent.


Missing Plane



Dow: 16,315, -6 (-0.04%)    S&P 500: 1,878, +3 (+0.16%)

Oh baby! No trip digit losses! We were actually up 140 in the Dow midday, but we fell 6 points to finish her off. Not bad, considering the latest trend.

Three of the four biggest banks reported 3rd quarter earnings yesterday, and all was mostly good news. That’s probably why we stopped nose-diving for the first time in a while. Domino’s also reported juicy quarterly earnings.

Today we’ve got our head on a swivel for eBay, Las Vegas Sands and American Express earnings reports and the monthly retail sales report.

Market Snacks


MLB – Royals took a comfortable 3-0 lead over the Orioles in the ALCS and the Giants nudged ahead 2-1 in the NLCS. Both series are back at it today/tonight.

NHL – Lotta action last night. Here’s how we shook down.

NFL – Pats/Jets tomorrow night in Foxborough on Thursday Night Football. 

Golf – Eh, not much going on. Picks up in a couple months. 

NBA – Regular season starts in 2 weeks.; Bleacher Report  


Amanda Bynes is back to being batshit crazy and hating her parents and is looking at up to one year of involuntary confinement. Snoop is battling with Iggy Azalea after chirping her on Instagram.



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Lol. Snoop does post literally 100 Instagrams a day, so you need to take whatever he posts with a grain of salt.



Screenshot 2014-10-15 10.46.31

The Book

Super Important Fact

Employees who’s work desks are near natural light sleep 46 minutes longer and “more soundly” than colleagues with windowless desks.

Business Week

Boom. Midweek. You’re informed. You’re skilled. You’re awesome. Have yourself a nice little day.


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