The Skinny: Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Things that have been going on continue to go on. Robin Williams. Iraq. Gaza Strip. Missouri racially charged.

It’s The Skinny. Here we go.



Robin Williams

America and much of the connected world is still reeling after Robin Williams’ Monday suicide. It was revealed yesterday by police that Robin hanged himself. The tragedy has brought to light the unfortunate phenomenon of comedians taking their own lives.

Tributes and memorials have been popping up from LA to Boston and beyond.


The U.S. is sending additional troops to northern Iraq to reinforce the humanitarian effort to rescue tens of thousands of Yazidis trapped by ISIS militants who have promised to kill them. The U.S. is adding about 130 more troops.

Missouri Situation

Police announced that they will not be revealing the name of the officer that shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown on Saturday afternoon. Police are claiming the officer acted in self defense after Brown assaulted him and went for his weapon. Brown’s friend, who was walking with him when he was killed, says he was offering no resistance at all. Other residents also claim Brown had his hands in the air, in a surrendering position.

The town continues to be on edge as protests, riots, and looting have plagued Ferguson — the St. Louis suburb — since Sunday. People are pretty pissed on all sides of the issue.

Clippers Sold

The NBA announced yesterday that the Clippers have officially been sold from the Sterlings to former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Thank god. This is good for everyone; less Sterlings, less negativity, more distance between Donald and the public spotlight. Excellent.

The team was reportedly sold for $2 billion; a record for any professional sports franchise in North America.

Source: CNN

Dow: 16,561, -10 (-0.06%)    S&P 500: 1,934, -3 (-0.16%)

The Euro, along with German stocks, are not doing well after sanctions on Russian trade has scared business leaders that rely on Russian orders. The geopolitical tension and uncertainty continues to stall the global market, as investors remain hesitant and cautious.

The good news? The Sammy Riggs “General T” and “Women’s Tanks” are now in stock at the Sammy Riggs Shop. So, our earnings report is about to go up. #WhatsUpWallStreet

classic-t the-generalcoming-soon


We’re getting close. Just a couple weeks. Magic Johnson said yesterday he believes “we’re going to get a team,” referencing the idea of an NFL team going to LA.


This old bro made this unreal catch at Wrigley.




FedEx Cup Playoffs start soon. Ryder Cup end of September Masters Week starts April 6th, 2015.


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Super Important Fact

The infamously bizarre Roman Emperor, Caligula, who ruled from 37 to 41 CE, ordered his troops to go to war with the sea. Yes, like, the body of water. He made them bring back seashells as the “plunders of war.”


There it is. Be knowledgeable. Be awesome. Be American. Have a day.

Bill Clinton

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