The Skinny: Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

That’s smoke billowing from a U.S.-led airstrike in Kobane, Syria. Just when you think I’m going to shove more fall foliage down your throat, I audible to the middle east. You can’t teach that.

Ebola is having a tough week. Oil is having a tough week. Hawaii is having a tough week.

But us? Well, we’re doing fine. Let’s get skinny.



The current Ebola situation in the U.S. is pretty grim for the persistent virus. Right now all Ebola can hang its hat on is an infected doctor who’s quarantined in New York. That’s it.

Meanwhile, a nurse who was being quarantined in New Jersey has been released after proving multiple times she does not have the virus.

After a hot start to October, it’s looking like another shitty week for Ebola. Tough go.


ISIS has released another propaganda video. Instead of a beheading, it’s a monologue from British hostage John Cantlie.


In other deranged militant news, New York Times foreign correspondent Rukmini Callimachi wrote a riveting, detailed piece on the torture, starvation, and taunting experienced by ISIS’ hostages before their beheadings. I complimented her on the piece, “The Horror Before the Beheadings,” and she said thank you.


Washington School Shooting

Some chilling details are emerging about the Seattle-area school shooting that’s left 3 dead, including the shooter, and wounded 2 more. The suspect, a “popular” freshman, invited the victims to the same lunch table via text the day of the attack. He then walked up behind them and began shooting.

There’s a narrative floating around that one of the girls was dating the suspect’s cousin, both of which were at the lunch table, and the suspect wasn’t happy about that.

Hawaii Volcano 

The Kilauea Volcano is spewing lava in Hawaii, triggering evacuations and fears of looting have emerged due to the evacuations. Lava is reportedly only 70 yards away from the nearest home and moving at about 5 yards per hour. This is what it looks like.


Oscar Pistorius will appeal the verdict and sentencing in the case where he shot his girlfriend 4 times, killing her. Pistorius was sentenced to 5 years in the slammer for culpable homicide (basically killing someone unintentionally, but also unlawfully). 

Missing Plane

Still missing.


Dow: 16,818, +13 (+0.07%) S&P 500: 1,962, -3 (-0.15%)

Oil was the big story yesterday. Oil prices have dropped significantly, which is great for you and me at the pump, but not great for giant oil companies and their giant profits. Exxon Mobil fell 0.8% yesterday and the general S&P 500 oil index was down 2%. Oil prices are down because supply is up (the U.S. will produce more oil this year than Saudi Arabia, the first time that’s happened since the 1970s) and global economic growth is slowing.

In tech, Twitter stock plunged after reporting slow user growth. Revenue was up, but Twitter still only has a fourth of the users of Facebook, so its stock fell 3% during the day and another 11% after the report.

Today we’ve got quarterly earnings from Coach and Sirius XM Radio.


NFL – The Redskins (3-5) stunned the Cowboys (6-2) in Dallas last night, winning 20-17 in overtime. Colt McCoy started his first NFL game in 3 years; he was okay, but got the job done. Tony Romo left the game in the 3rd quarter with back contusions, but returned late in the 4th quarter. He seems to be okay.

On Thursday Night Football this week we’ve got the Saints (3-4) at the Panthers (3-4-1). 

Fall Classic – The Classic gets back underway tonight in Kansas City at 8pET. The Giants lead 3-2. 

NHL – Just 2 games last night. The Oilers blanked the Canadiens, 3-0, and the Rangers staged an epic comeback on the Wild.

NBA – Tonight! After the circus that was LeBron free agency, Donald Sterling’s ridiculousness, and now Kobe and Lakers drama, they’re finally just going to play basketball.


Oprah’s driver ran over a fan’s toe outside a restaurant in Miami a few nights ago. Oprah got out and made sure she was okay and took pictures and it was a big thing.

The fan is fine.


Screenshot 2014-10-28 10.09.25

The Book 

Super Important Fact

Think you drink a lot? Well, probably not as much as the Belorussians. They drink the most alcohol worldwide at nearly 5 gallons per person annually. The Pakistanis drink the least at just 0.1 liters annually.


Cool. Lovely. Have a day.

MegaFest 2013 - Day 1

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