The Skinny: Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Late Skinny today. Seem weird? Yeah, it’s a little weird. But it works, baby. It works. Let’s do this.


Super Bacteria (deadly)

A string of super bacteria has killed two patients at a UCLA hospital. This is not good. The bacteria is drug-resistant, so health officials are clearly concerned over the ability to combat it. 180 other patients may have been exposed to the “superbug,” as they’re calling it.


Remember that place? Well, it’s still in the news. The Justice Department has a probe into the Michael Brown shooting and the Ferguson Police Department’s tactics in general. The DOJ may sue the police over a pattern of racially discriminatory actions if they don’t take action themselves.


The eastern United States is experiencing temperatures from 25° to 45° below normal for this time of year. Add that to about 8 feet of snow in New England and you’ve got yourself an interesting week.

Today, many parts of the continental U.S. will be colder than Alaska.


ISIS is continuing to increase the brutality of their tactics. New reports out of northern Iraq claim the militants burned alive up to 40 people near the city of al-Baghdadi. The group is also believed to be harvesting organs from their victims, selling them on the black market to finance their terror operation.

Jeb Bush

Jeb is making news this week for making a strong attempt to distance himself from the stigmas surrounding his father and his brother’s Presidencies. “I am my own man,” he claimed earlier this week. While leading early polls in the race for the Republican nomination, Jeb’s biggest challenge is clear: convincing voters he is indeed his “own man.”


Barry is taking heat this week for refusing to say “Islamic extremism.” Instead, Barry has consistently said we are at war with “extremism” and that Islamic extremists have “perverted Islam.” While many of his opponents are attempting to use this against Barry, he is sticking to his belief that calling it as he is calling it does not legitimize the terror groups and does not aid their propaganda machine, which would only help recruitment.


Missing Plane

Still missing. 348 days (that’s almost a year, guys).


Dow: 18,030, -18 (-0.10%)  S&P 500: 2,100, -1 (-0.03%)

Not a ton of movement yesterday. That’s good, considering we were down a few.

Rolls-Royce crept up 1.3% yesterday after revealing their — wait for it — SUV! Yes, Rolls-Royce is pumping out an SUV. Now you can haul the kids to soccer practice in style. Exciting stuff.

Potbelly Corp also had a nice day. The company’s stock was up 17% after turning around a Q4 loss of $3.7 million last year to a Q4 profit of $702K this year. Sandwiches fer the win.

The Fed announced that they’re just not quite sure when they’ll raise interest rates again. This is a relatively good thing, as many investors feared it would be soon. Very soon.

Today we’ve got quarterlies from DirecTV and Nordstrom.

Market Snacks


NFL – The NFL is completely botching the whole Deflategate thing and now it’s just a flat out joke. Apparently an NFL employee gave a faulty ball to a Pats attendant or something. I don’t know. It’s a new tale every day; none are sticking. Let’s just move on, shall we?

World Cup – The 2022 World Cup will be moved to November amid concerns of players basically dying via overheating, as the matches are to be held in Qatar. Average temps in the summer there are in the 100s. Average temps in November? Eh, a cool 80°.

Golf – The boys are at Riviera playing the Northern Trust Open this week.

NBA – Today is the trade deadline. Nothing crazy yet, but something may pop up here before the end of the day.

Boxing – A new report suggests that Pacquiao and Mayweather have resolved most of their issues, thus bringing them closer to finally stepping in the ring together.

ESPN; Bleacher Report


Remember when Bruce Jenner was involved in a fatal car crash a few weeks back? Welp, apparently a video of the incident puts the blame on Bruce’s shoulders. It’s just not a great time for the confused ex-olympian right now.

’50 Shades’ is nearing $100 mill after bringing in another several million this week. It’s been a good start to the year at the box office. Must be nice to be in that industry.

TMZ; Box Office


Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 2.30.48 PM

The Book

Super Important Fact

The world’s largest cargo ship, the MSC Oscar, could hold 117 million pairs of sneakers.


notice the humans for a size reference


And boom. There’s The Skinny. You’re welcome. Now, do us all a favor and have yourself a day.

Chuck; Cover Photo

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