The Skinny: Monday, November 17th, 2014

New week. Lots of action. Let us hop right in.



ISIS has beheaded American hostage Peter Kassig. Kassig was a former soldier and aid worker before being kidnapped a year ago. He was shown in a 16-minute video posted online by ISIS that many are calling their most gruesome yet.

It shows Kassig’s decapitated head as well as a mass beheading of Syrian government pilots and historical propaganda on ISIS’ emergence.


A Sierra Leone native doctor who was transferred to Omaha (he also had legal permanent residence in the U.S.) after contracting Ebola has died. He is the 2nd person to die from Ebola in the U.S.

Winter Weather

Frigid weather that covered much of the U.S. last week shall cover again this week. Another cold front — or bomb cyclone or polar vortex if you work in the media — will affect areas around the central and northern parts of the country; they could see 4-6 inches of snow.


Malaysian Airlines flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine in July. The recovery effort, however, just began in recent days. Why? Well because Ukraine, pro-Russian rebels and Russia itself are in a tense conflict in the area.

The wreckage will go to the Netherlands, where most of those killed were from. New video of the aftermath has surfaced.


Washington is bracing itself for another fun battle. Barry announced last week that he will basically be doing immigration reform with or without Congress. This could be good, if Congress will work with him to compromise and negotiate a deal that satisfies both sides, but few find that likely.

What is likely is that Barry lays out what he wants, Congress disagrees, Barry goes forward with an executive order, they battle it out in the media, calling each other bad things, and we enter Barry’s final 2 years with Congressional Republicans and the White House hating each other more than they already did, which would seem shocking.

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is taking ALL KINDS of fire right now. Rape allegations surfaced earlier this year, then kind of went away, and have since last week resurfaced in intense fashion.

Barbara Bowman, a woman who had come forth before with rape allegations, hit several media outlets last week to rekindle her case. Then, a couple other women came forward, growing the alleged rape victim count closer to the number of Tiger Woods mistresses than the number of NFL games Tim Tebow will start over the next decade.

Cosby was dropped from Letterman over the allegations; he has refused to comment on the situation, including an awkward NPR interview in which he didn’t address it. Not even once. At all.

Twitter’s having fun with it.

Missing Plane

Still missing.



Dow: 17,635, +63 (+0.36%)  S&P 500: 2,040, +8 (+0.38%)

The economy is in a pretty good place right now. Solid corporate earnings, excited holiday spending projections and strong economic data (like jobs, unemployment rates, etc.) had investors doing good things last week.

This week we’ve got several more quarterlies as the market eagerly awaits Thanksgiving and Black Friday (or Black Weekend nowadays) to follow.

Market Snacks


NFL – While the Broncos struggled in St. Louis, the Pats thrived in Indy. Here are our week 11 scores.

Screenshot 2014-11-17 11.08.02

We’ve got a “meh” game tonight on Monday Night Football; Pittsburgh (6-4) is at Tennessee (2-7).

NHL – 6 games yesterday. Here are the highlights.


NBA – 4 games. The Lakers suck and the Rockets were the first team to win an NBA game with 69 points or fewer since 2005.

Screenshot 2014-11-17 11.15.08

College Football – #5 Alabama edged #1 Mississippi State in Tuscaloosa on Saturday, 25-20. The top 10 now kinda look like this.

Screenshot 2014-11-17 11.20.06



I finally saw ‘Interstellar’ yesterday; it was long, it was mentally exhausting, and it was awesome.

In other news, Bynes is still crazy, ‘Hunger Games’ crashed SNL, and Beyonce’s sister got married (Jay Z was there).

Oh and Billy Cosby is being accused of rape. A lot of rape. By a lot of people. Not cool. Not cool at all.


Screenshot 2014-11-17 11.25.14

The Book

Super Important Fact

All of outer space is dead silent. Sound waves need a medium through which to travel and there is no such medium in space, therefore space is dead silent.

Radio waves can travel, however, which is how astronauts can communicate with one another.


One more week then we’re on that weird half-week/not-a-real-week Thanksgiving week thing. Then it’s basically Christmas/New Years for the next month. So yeah, one more week then we’re on vacation for a month. Love it. Have a day.

Soyuz TMA-17 Lands

Thumbs Up Photo; Cover photo

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