How sick is Apple’s 1986 fashion line?

Apple, in 1986, decided that not only could they reinvent the computer — but that they also could reinvent fashion. Steve Jobs, the genius that he was, had Apple rocking catchy lines like, “After a rough day wind surfing, the Apple sweatshirt is just the thing.”

Source: Dangerous Minds

First, how absurd is Dangerous Minds thinking Apple’s clothing line is awful?

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Second, here is the Apple Collection (complete with a sail boat).


apple-clothing-line-1986-05  apple-clothing-line-1986-10 apple-clothing-line-1986-06 apple-clothing-line-1986-04 apple-clothing-line-1986-03 apple-clothing-line-1986-09 apple-clothing-line-1986-02 apple-clothing-line-1986-08apple-clothing-line-1986-01Collection_Sail_Board_small

Honestly, that sailboat is unreal. If I were going to buy a sail boat, that is the sailboat I would buy. No question. And the hats are off the charts. I’m convinced there were models they could have found that are less creepy, but regardless the hats are sick.

The biggest question mark for me here is why are they going after the Nantucket crowd with this fashion line? All this gear is straight out of a Vineyard Vines catalogue. If your computers are trying to appeal to the average American, maybe your clothing line should too. Which, in that case, in 1986, I should see some cutoff jeans and maybe a more casual T. Maybe a Back-To-The-Future-Marty-Vest.


The full teal sweatsuit is spot on. I imagine they sold out of those in about 10 minutes.


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