Sherman’s son may be born on Super Bowl Sunday

Yep. Richard Sherman’s girlfriend, Ashley Moss, is pregnant. They’re having a son. That son is not quite expected yet, but it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility that he is born on Sunday.

On the issue, Sherman has not ruled out missing the Super Bowl if the boy pops out.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Sherman said. “We’re not thinking about the possibility.”

Also on the issue, Sherman didn’t miss the opportunity to have some Sherman-esque sound bites. Like so.

I feel strongly on one side of this issue: you don’t miss the Super Bowl. You stay. You play. This goes for nearly all situations in which someone, usually a professional athlete, is up against “Should I skip ___ event to be there when my baby is born?” I’m about 100% of the time voting you don’t skip the event. You play the event, then you spend the next like 60 years you’ll have with your kid with your kid. Billy Horschel is a perfect example. He’s a young gun on the PGA Tour that hasn’t had A-level success. He’s good. Very good. But he’s not a Phil Mickelson, a Tiger Woods, a Rickie Fowler, a Rory McIlroy, a Bubba Watson. He’s B-level, at best. And, last fall, he had the opportunity to win $10 million plus. The Tour Championship is the culmination of the Tour’s FedEx Cup Playoffs, the winner of which takes home $10 mill. He was leading the entire thing. Upon entering the tournament, Horschel’s wife was expecting at anytime. On the issue of withdrawing from the tournament and returning home to be there when his child was born, Horschel described the decision as a simple one.

“There wasn’t much discussion,” Horschel said after his opening round. “I brought up the question. She said, ‘You’re staying.’ “

As it would go, Horschel won the tournament and won himself a casual $11.44 million. Two days later, his wife gave birth to a healthy baby girl. All worked out quite swimmingly.

I couldn’t be more with the Horschels on this one. Really, beyond sentimental, what is the value of physically being there when your child is born? I get that it’s nice to be there, that it’s “one of those moments,” that you battle with your wife/girlfriend/baby mama while she goes through the horrific reality of giving birth. I get that.

But it’s not like if you’re not there and the baby sees a male doctor first he forms some fatherly connection with him that cannot be overcome. There’s no true, lasting consequences. It’s just kind of a tough deal that you weren’t there. That’s it. It’s sentimental.

Not playing in the Super Bowl? That’s devastating. That will cost your team the game. That will be consciously skipping the single greatest event that your life’s work has led to. Tom Brady is arguably the great quarterback of all time and this will be his 6th Super Bowl. About 14,000 days on this Earth so far for Tom and, even as the GOAT, 6 of them will, after Sunday, have involved a Super Bowl.

You have your whole life with your child. One day, one moment (when born), won’t hinder your lifelong bond. Missing something like the Super Bowl will haunt you forever. You choose Super Bowl, or Tour Championship, or anything of similar caliber, 1 million times out of 1 million.

Sources: Bleacher Report; Golf Channel; Cover Photo

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