Selfie Stick While Driving = Crash Into Friend

Eeeeek. That’s embarrassing. I guess the closest thing I’ve ever done that I can relate to this is be texting/scrolling through Instagram at a stoplight when it turns green and I have no clue. Cars behind me have to honk and I’m embarrassed because I was that guy on his cell phone.

But this is awful. The stigma around selfie sticks and using phones while driving is already horrendous. Then you pitch fork the front of your car with your buddy’s canoe because you’re selfie-sticking it down a back road? Awful.


PS – Love the courage on these kinds of people to post these videos. I mean the only way we’re able to watch this is because selfie stick guy posted it or sent it somewhere. It takes Cajones to let this get out. I would have immediately thrown camera in that river parallel the road.

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