Secretary of Defense Says U.S. to Start Utilizing Special Ops Forces Against ISIS

NBC News Defense Secretary Ash Carter said Tuesday the U.S. military will deploy a specialized expeditionary targeting force to Iraq to launch unilateral raids and “put even more pressure” on ISIS.

In his opening statement, Carter says U.S. special operation forces would conduct operations in Iraq “at the invitation of the Iraqi government” and be in position “to conduct unilateral operations into Syria.”

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Ohhhhh shit ISIS! Watch out bitches! If you thought Uncle Sam’s bombs hurt, wait til the boys come storming into your sand huts. These guys have just been chomping at the bit. Watching ISIS’ stupid YouTube videos, getting angrier and angrier, hungrier and hungrier, more and more anxious to catch the next chopper to Iraq to reign hell on these scumbags.

This is good and exciting. This will hurt ISIS more than what we are currently doing. However, this move is another that supports my continuing theory about ISIS, the U.S., and how it’s going to play out while Obama remains in office. Any militaristically experienced analyst will tell you that defeating ISIS, that eradicating ISIS, requires a full on assault. Ground troops. Air support. Sophisticated, integrated intelligence. Obama campaigned on ending the war in Iraq. He knows defeating ISIS will take all of this, but any negative stigmas from such an operation would tarnish his legacy. He’s not will to take that risk. Not with one year til he’s out the door.

So, my theory, is that we will continue playing these little “just the tip” games until he’s out. We’ll strike from the air. We’ll conduct select special ops missions. We’ll poke and pry in an effort to contain ISIS as best we can, knowing that we won’t truly defeat them. Then, next January, depending on who steps next behind that desk in the Oval Office, we’ll make decisions as to how to proceed. If it’s the Donald? Well, we’ll probably start nuking ISIS. If it’s Hillary, who knows. Maybe she’ll email ISIS or something. That’ll be a decision they’ll have to make once they’re briefed.

Regardless, we’re going in with the special ops boys now. Love it. Here we come.


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