Scumbags abandon dog… dog obviously chases scumbags

This will make you want to punch something. A cell phone captured this image of a dog chasing a pickup truck after its drivers abandoned the pup at a gas station.


A witness, Lorie Hollis, spoke to the Humane Society, describing the incident.

“The first man told the dog to: ‘Go! Go over there!’ The man in the back of the pick-up proceeded to pull up the tail-gate of the truck,” she said. “Appearing confused, the dog jumped up and put his paws on top of the tail-gate. The truck sped away, leaving the dog behind.”

Hollis then hopped in her car and chased the truck — with the dog still in pursuit — for a few minutes before losing track of both. The Humane Society is offering a $250 reward for information leading to the arrest of the scumbags and the safe return of the pup.

For some reason, poor treatment of dogs is so much tougher to swallow than poor treatment of humans. Like, if this were a baby human that someone dropped off at a gas station it wouldn’t draw the same reaction that this dog is. Look at the pup trailing the pickup down the middle of the street — that’s just phenomenal.

Dogs are awesome. This poor thing was abandoned and just wanted to be back with his owners. Thought he was left by accident. No problem, I’ll just chase that dozens-of-horse-powered vehicle forever. Because I’m a dog.

If this thing got hurt I’m gonna cry. If it did, don’t tell me. Ever. Let me believe it was picked up by a loving, fantastic, rich family with doggie treats and chicken wings everywhere.

Source: CNN

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