After running over, killing young driver, Tony Stewart returns, and he’s shaken up

Remember Tony Stewart? He’s the NASCAR driver that ran over and killed Kevin Ward Jr. about three weeks ago in this awful incident.


Well, he’s taken time off since, and he’s remained mostly quiet. This weekend, he is back on the track and today he met with the media. He said things like this.

Well, yeah. Of course it will; you killed a guy. I don’t know if you did it intentionally or if it was a complete accident, but you killed a guy. You ended his life.

Sources: Bleacher Report, Cover Photo Credit

Today on ESPN’s First Take, Skip Bayless essentially said that there really is no good or bad time for Stewart to return to racing. If he is going to return, which he should because it’s his life and career, then you just do it. Today, he is just doing it. So, while it is a story because it reminds us of what happened, it also isn’t a story in the sense that he was going to return one day — that day just happens to be coming this weekend.

PS – I can’t imagine how much this would affect you. Again, regardless of what precisely happened inside his car leading up to that fatal incident, it would devastate you forever. One life taken, another changed forever. Sad stuff. RIP Kevin Ward Jr.

PPS – Think NASCAR drivers wear enough sponsors?

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