Rory McIlroy broke off his engagement with a 3 minute phone call?

This is the latest about the Rory/Caroline split. Reportedly, Rory ended it with a three minute phone call.


Neil Harman, of The Times of London, wrote about the breakup:

“The last time he called, less than a day after telling her how much he loved her, it was a three-minute conversation she thought was a joke.”

This comes off the heels of Wozniacki bowing out in the first round of the French Open, a shocking upset for the 13th ranked Wozniacki, falling to 64th ranked Yanina Wickmayer of Belgium. About the breakup, Wozniacki said it came as “a bit of a shock.”

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Asked about the reported three minute call in a press conference at The Memorial Tournament in Ohio earlier today, Rory said:

“Umm, I’m here to talk about my golf.” 

 Predictably, the people aren’t too happy about it.


I have no problem with this. Now, I’m not saying this is necessarily the best, most sincere way to do what he had to do. However, I also think the whole situation is tough and there’s really no ‘good’ way to do it. You’re breaking off a relationship days after sending out wedding invitations. You’re a star athlete publicly dating another star athlete. We don’t know the entire story. If they were in far off lands and couldn’t meet face-to-face when he came to this realization, then this really seems like a fine move.

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Source: Bleacher Report

If it’s over, it’s over. Or, as Eric Church says, “It’s over when it’s over, ain’t it baby ain’t it; rips you like a dagger, can’t it baby can’t it.” If it ripped Woz like a dagger, it was going to do so whether it happened over dinner, over text, over a three minute phone call, or over a blog post on #sammydashriggsdotcom.

This twitterer guy thinks Rory’s move is #MakingTigerLookGood? What? How? Straighten your moral compass out, @Zigmanfreud. Breaking up with someone isn’t a morally flawed thing to do; dragging something on with someone when you have legitimate doubts is. Or cheating on your wife with dozens of women while relentlessly hiding it is. But honestly breaking up with someone isn’t a flawed move; in the big picture, it’s plainly and quite simply the right and best thing to do.

Three minute phone call; face-to-face over dinner; Snapchat; in the end, it doesn’t really matter. You’re breaking it off, so just break it off.

If anything, I respect that he had the cojones to do it. Oh, he then also had the cojones to win one of the top 10 biggest tournaments professional golfers play all year. In a world where corruption, racism and cheating scandals are weekly occurrences, I find a clear-cut public breakup — via three minute phone call or otherwise — to be a fresh, honest revelation.

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