Immedite makeshift Robin Williams memorial at ‘Good Will Hunting’ bench in Boston

All anyone is talking about right now is the harrowing death of Robin Williams. Everyone’s already said what needs to be said. It’s extremely tragic for such an industry legend to have to suffer and go in such a painful manner. But he molded comedy and the movie industry forever.

Now, in Boston there sits an impromptu memorial at the bench where he had one of his famous monologues in ‘Good Will Hunting.’ Written on the ground are some of the famous lines from the scene.

“The location where Robin Williams delivered a memorable monologue in “Good Will Hunting” has been turned into an impromptu memorial site for the late Hollywood icon…Several fans gathered Monday night in Boston’s Public Garden to leave flowers and messages at a park bench where Williams and his “Hunting” co-star Matt Damon once sat together in a scene from Gus Van Sant’s 1997 acclaimed drama…Several of Williams’ quotes from the film, including ‘Sorry guys, I went to see about a girl” and “Your move chief,’ could be seen written in chalk next to the bench.”

Source: CBSnews

Here’s the legendary scene that occurred on said bench:


While I’m at it, I thought I would throw in some other clips to show the insane range, and improvisational talent that he had as a comedian, and an actor. Here are a couple great scenes, interviews, and stand-ups from Robin Williams.




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