Reporter Tells Heckler “That’s Exactly What I Did To Your Mother Buddy”

Joe! You dog!

Look, reporters can’t lay dormant forever. They can’t just be the doormats to society, getting heckled and having everyone laugh and not care about them as people just because they’re reporters. Nope. Not forever. They can’t and they won’t, not on Joe Galli’s watch. Representing the fierce, hard-hitting Local 2 News out of Palm Springs, Joe hits this heckler right where it hurts. With an unflinching, immediate, classic “your mother” comeback. One of the oldest moves in the book, but most effective. It’s like dropping a passionate “Fuck you!” No matter what the person leads with, no matter how clever they are, no matter how inconsiderately they cut you off on your morning commute, nothing tops of a good old fashioned “Fuck you!”

“That’s exactly what I did to your mother buddy” is in the same ballpark. You can drop it on anyone at anytime for just about anything. It just so happened that Joe was ready and that his line worked perfectly.

“Fuck her right in the pussy!”

“That’s exactly what I did to your mother last night buddy!”

Joe 1, Hecklers 0.


PS – Sneaky best part is adding the “buddy” at the end. That’s like when someone calls you “guy.” No respect. No faking like you care enough to say their name or address them like an adult. You degrade them immediately to little brother status. Love it.

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