Report identifies Axiom, the newest Chinese hacker group with ties to government

Should we add “being hacked” to the played out list of guarantees that includes death and taxes?

The Chinese hacker group, Axiom, has been identified by an international cyber-security coalition as the group behind as many as 43,000 computer hacks. The report, lead by cyber-security firm Novetta Solutions, says it believes Axiom is a subset of a larger Chinese hacker group with government ties that has existed for 6 years. According to The Washington Post, Axiom is “a Chinese cyberespionage group that appears to be the most sophisticated of any publicly known Chinese hacker unit and targets not only U.S. and Western government agencies but also dissidents inside and outside China.” 


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The Novetta Solutions report begins like this:

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 2.07.00 PM

Axiom’s hacks ranged world-wide and infected a variety of targets, such as government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, environmentalists, law enforcement and human rights groups.

Sources: Mashable, The Washington Post Cover Photo Credit: Wired.Co.UK

“These state-sponsored hackers are exceedingly stealthy and agile by comparison with the People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398,” the FBI warned U.S. industries last week. The alert referenced the The People’s Liberation Army Unit 61398, a Chinese military unit “dedicated to cyberwar and espionage,” that was revealed last February. The U.S. charged five Chinese military men thought to be members of Unit 61398 with hacking crimes this May. Unit 61398 was able to successfully infiltrate U.S. corporations and government agencies, and surging fear that the U.S. power grid was next.

Incase you see one:


China has denied all accusations in the recent allegations of ties to Axiom.

The revelation comes just before Secretary of State John Kerry and President Barrack Obama’s trip to Beijing, scheduled for later this week. One of the topics of discussion is cyber security, neither country has a clean record, but what a segue this will be.

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