Regatta turns into complete debacle

Love the parents yelling in this. They’re the perfect epitome of high school sports parents. They’ll viciously yell at other children like they’re dogs. High school sporting events are basically just venting sessions for parents. It’s like they can just stand on the sidelines and yell and they think no one can hear them. I wouldn’t be surprised if you started hearing “Stacey sucks at her job! If she didn’t dress like a slut the boss wouldn’t even keep her!” or “I’m super frustrated because my wife never has sex with me anymore!”

Boats might as well not even be there. Parents would still just be there yelling at ducks swimming in imperfect circles or a fish jumping out of the water and ruining the glassy look of the water for their photo op.


PS – The dad that says the video needs to be sent to Ridiculousness is a true hero. Just laughing it up, making sure someone has it on tape while everyone else is in a state of sheer panic. What a legend.

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