Reds Manager Bryan Price Drops A Casual 77 F-Bombs Toward Media

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Impressive stuff here. Cincinnati Reds Manager Bryan Price gets riled up with the media during a pre-game interview, eventually drops 77 F-bombs over 5 and a half minutes.

Afterward, he apologized for his choice of words, not for the content of his message, via the Reds’ Twitter account.

Look, this is a fantastic rant. It’s entertaining and I could listen to it all day. Anytime you’ve got a guy in a position of power going off on other people like they’re lesser than him, like they’re peasants, it’s going to be fantastic. And it is.

But you really have to feel for Bryan Price here. Imagine being a baseball manager, how fucking (1) annoying that would be? They play every day… so every single day you have to deal with these media vultures poking you for quotes, pushing your buttons in the hope that you’ll freak out so they can write, tweet and profit off of it.

Then boom, you do freak out and now every time you’ve done a really good, poised job gets overshadowed by that one time you told a group of reporters to fuck off (2) seventy-seven times.

Tough break for this guy. The good news is he’s well-paid.

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