Was this real life ‘Project X’ party in Michigan better than the ‘Project X’ party?

So this video was circulating the interweb earlier this week. I suppose I missed it. Oh well. Now I found it and watched it and blogged it.

Anyways, this party sounded absolutely wild. Two DJ’s? Strippers? Go-go dancers? A GOD DAMN FIRE-THROWER?! Who actually pulls trigger on ordering a fire-thrower for a party? Where do you find a fire-thrower? Is that a full time job?


“Taylor, 20, calls the  farm house that’s been in the family for 100 years his party house…Taylor said Saturday night started out as a planned birthday party for a friend, but it quickly grew to more than 2,000 people. He also said that it was a goodbye party for him before he moves to California next week…’What do you say to anyone who says you are responsible?’ asked FOX 17. ‘I am. It’s my house,’ answered Taylor. ‘You got to deal with it afterwards, but apparently it was worth it.'”

Source: Saltshakernews

A few major talking points from this video that we’re all waiting to address:

The Goatee

I mean, come on. Tremendous. Tremendous facial hair performance from a high schooler. Irrefutable. A young Louis C.K.


That Guy on the Ground

When this interview was shot, it looks pretty well into the day after the party. Maybe even a couple days after the party. The news crew has had time to assemble their team, make their way out to the house, and complete a full interview. Maybe someone check this kid’s pulse?



Who could forget everyone’s favorite Aussie teen. Textbook ‘classic vid.’

I’ll apologize but I’m not taking off my glasses.


I guess the one thing to take from all of this is that if you want to host a ‘Project X’ party, you have to be a massive beauty. There’s simply no two ways around it.

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