Putin Gives One Hour Notice, Airstrikes Non-ISIS Targets in Syria


Fucking Putin. I’m so sick of this clown. He’s such a smug little weasel. He’s basically the Donald Trump of Russia except he’s actually the leader and has been for 15 years. He does all sorts of wrong, corrupt, fucked up things that everyone knows he does then blatantly denies them. He’s running a global superpower by employing elementary psychological practices: do bad shit and then just say you didn’t do it.

Hey Putin, we saw you in Ukraine. We literally saw your soldiers posting on social media from inside Ukraine. Hey Putin, we saw you wave your middle finger in America’s eyeball by welcoming American traitor numbero uno Edward Snowden (who just recently got a blue checkmark on Twitter). Hey Putin, we know your biggest and most popular critic in Russia didn’t just get randomly killed in Moscow.

Yeah, the killer has been found — he was on 60 Minutes this week dropping quotes like, “Maybe they have nothing else to do in America but talk about me [Putin].”

Hey dickhead, ever heard of football? Freedom? Free press? Ronald Reagan?


How’d that wall go?


So now, just a few hours ago, Putin launched airstrikes in Syria. That sounds good, as we — along with a coalition of 60 nations — have been battling ISIS in Syria for over a year now, and Russia aiding that fight would be beneficial. Except Putin isn’t there to battle ISIS — he’s there to be the annoying little weasel that he is and protect the reign of Syrian “president” Bashar al-Assad, who’s largely considered the world’s worst mass-murderer, having murdered 250,000+ Syrians.

This afternoon, Secretary of State John Kerry addressed the UN — with Russian diplomats sitting nearby — using strong rhetoric against the true intentions of Russia’s involvement.

“Moreover, we have also made clear that we would have grave concerns should Russia strike areas where ISIL and al Qaeda affiliated targets are not operating. Strikes of that kind would question Russia’s real intentions — fighting ISIL or protecting the Assad regime,” Kerry said.

It’s widely believed that Putin eventually wants Assad to succeed so he can move Russia deeper into the area and expand his influence in the region, growing Russia’s global wealth and power. Thus, it would make sense that he is masking Russia/Assad-benefiting airstrikes with a claim that Russia is fighting ISIS.

The main takeaway here? Fuck Putin. He’s a misleading, childish little clown that we officially don’t like.

Looks good with a horse though. lol.



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